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Issue 33, September 2005


Editorial    Summary of Editorial column

Tocai Friulano: the Story Goes On Tocai Friulano: the Story Goes On

The last May 12th, 2005, the European Court of Justice of Luxembourg has set «as stipulated in 1993 agreement between the European Union and Hungary, the prohibition of using - after March 31st, 2007 - the denomination “Tocai” for… [more]

MailBox MailBox

ABC Wine    Summary of ABC Wine column

Ribera del Duero Ribera del Duero

Ribera del Duero
Land of red wines, here white wines are almost unknown, Ribera del Duero is capable of expressing excellent quality with intensely concentrated wines, with a full body and among the most longeval of Spain… [more]

Wine Tasting    Summary of Wine Tasting column

Franciacorta, Champagne and Talento Franciacorta, Champagne and Talento

Everything is ready for our comparative tasting
Three classic examples of quality Italian and French vintage bubbles, reveals their secrets in the frothing glasses of our comparative tasting… [more]

Wines of the Month Wines of the Month

Manna 2003, Franz Haas (Italy)
Gattinara Riserva 1999, Manna 2003, Gattinara Tre Vigne 1999, Fiore 2000, Chianti Classico Riserva Vigna Casi 2000, Amarone della Valpolicella Classico 2000, Alto Adige Moscato Rosa 2003, Majo San Lorenzo 2001… [more]

Carlo Pellegrino's Marsala Vergine Carlo Pellegrino's Marsala Vergine

Marsala Vergine Riserva del Centenario 1980, Carlo Pellegrino (Italy)
One of the main brands which contributed to the history of the great Sicilian wine, has recently released a Marsala aged for more than 40 years, here compared with other two Vergines… [more]

Wine Producers    Summary of Wine Producers column

Silvio Jermann Silvio Jermann

Sauvignon 2004, Jermann (Italy)
In Farra d'Isonzo, in the province of Gorizia, Italy, born the great and renowned wines of Jermann, whites and red, all having the same common factor: an impeccable quality… [more]

Cellar Journal Cellar Journal

Events    Summary of Events column

News News

Corkscrew    Summary of Corkscrew column

Matching Wine and Pasta Matching Wine and Pasta

A red wine can be a good match for pasta
The most classic dish of Italian cooking, thanks to its endless ways of preparation and condiment, allows the realization of excellent matchings… [more]

Not Just Wine    Summary of Not Just Wine column

Pepper Pepper

Black Pepper Grains
Spice par excellence, the aroma of pepper is the one which has mainly influenced the course of history and the economies of whole nations and still today is the king of the cooking of the world… [more]

Aquavitae Aquavitae

Grappa di Moscato di Canelli 2002, Casa Luparia (Italy)
Review of Grappa, Distillates and Brandy, Torba Nera, Grappa di Moscato di Canelli 2002, Grappa di Barolo 2001, Grappa Stravecchia 4 Anni, Grappa Bianca, Grappa di Grignolino… [more]

Wine Parade Wine Parade

Summary of Columns Summary of Columns

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