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Grappa di Barolo 2001, Santa Teresa Marolo (Italy)

Grappa di Barolo 2001

Santa Teresa Marolo (Italy)

Pomace of Barolo's Nebbiolo
Grappa Grappa Score: Brandy That Excels in Its Category

Piedmont This grappa shows a brilliant amber yellow color, limpid and crystalline. The nose denotes intense, clean, pleasing and refined aromas of vanilla, licorice, prune, leather, honey, cocoa, violet, hazelnut and raspberry, with almost imperceptible alcohol pungency. The mouth is intense with perceptible alcohol pungency which tends to dissolve rapidly, pleasing smoothness, good and balanced sweet hint, agreeable. The finish is persistent with flavors of hazelnut, licorice and prune. A well made grappa distilled in bainmarie discontinuous alembic still. It ages for 4 years in oak and acacia casks.

Alcohol: 50% 18 °C
(64 °F)

Issue 33, September 2005

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