Wine Culture and Information - Volume 17
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Have you seen this one??

justsmilin 1 8476 Eliseo

How do you buy wine?

Gina 0 794 Eliseo

Buying wines in Internet e-commerce sites

jimmy 6 1287 Eliseo

Which white wines you consider to be the best?

joergwein 6 1481 Eliseo

Recioto della Valpolicella Mandorlato 1979

GuidoVanBastelaere 0 2688 GuidoVanBastelaere

Barbecue and wine

wineguy 30 7057 vinorum

Passito di Pantelleria

rickie 5 1639 donnaclif

Sparkling wines

joergwein 54 3728 joergwein

Malvasia di Lipari

rickie 9 1583 donnaclif

What are you drinking now?

jc 28 2422 donnaclif

What about Sauvignon Blanc?

wineguy 5 1242 marin

Visit producers

dunabel 0 975 dunabel

Are Chardonnay and Merlot the king of grapes?

rickie 15 1869 maxtrek

Corks, screwcaps and synthetic corks. Does it matter?

rickie 22 1835 jimmy

Does the time of tasting influence your judgement about a wine?

miclan 14 1719 cathy

Wood or no wood?

jimmy 21 2208 antonello

Does the appellation really make a difference?

wineguy 13 1439 wineguy

Wine Evaluation - Best practices

jc 30 2659 jimmy

Wine gift for Christmas

vbhatter 1 1260 vbhatter

Port, Sherry and Marsala

rickie 11 1489 antonello


cathy 13 1503 wineguy

Etiquette- drinking wine in the restaurant

jc 39 2237 rickie

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