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Privacy Policy
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Privacy Policy

This privacy policy is conforming to art. 13 of Italian D.Lgs 196/03 Law ("law for personal data protection") and the Regulation of European Parliament numer 679/2016 (GDPR UE 2016/679, General Data Protection Regulation), it is exclusively applied to web site, mailing list subscription, user registration and the application (app) DiWineTaste Mobile for Android and iOS devices.

1. Browsing Data

The computer systems and software procedures used in this site can acquire some personal data which are implicitly sent by means of Internet communication protocols. This information can, through the association and computing procedures with third parties data, identify users (such as IP address, browser type, operating system running in the user's computer used to access this site). These data are used for statistical purposes only and in anonym form in order to control the correct functioning of the site. No data gathered or resulting from the above mentioned purposes are passed or transmitted to third parties.

2. Data Voluntarily Submitted by Users

Besides the above mentioned browsing data, Users are free to submit their personal data in order to fulfill the requested services and functions. In no case or condition these data are transmitted to third parties, they are exclusively used in order to fulfill, complete and access the required service.

3. Cookies

This site makes use of cookies, including third parties cookies, in order to ensure our users a better service. We do not make use of cookies which are transmitting personal data to third parties.
Session cookies are strictly used for the transmission of session identification codes (usually consisting in random numbers generated by the server) required to ensure a safe and proper use of our site.
Session cookies used in this site do not make use of techniques or methods which can potentially compromise the privacy of users and they do not collect personal data about user's identification.

4. Personal Data Processing

Personal data are processed through automatic or manual systems exclusively for the time strictly necessary to fulfill the purpose for which those data have been gathered and/or submitted by the user, however according to the limits provided by the Law in force.
Specific safety measures are applied in order to prevent data loss, illegal or non correct uses as well as non authorized access.

5. Responsible Figure of Data Processing

According to Italian D.Lgs law number 196/2003, about privacy policies of persons and other subjects in regard to personal information processing, "DiWineTaste" is the subject in charge of personal data processing provided by users or however gathered during the browsing of this site.
The act of personal data processing is done by gathering, registering, organization, keeping, processing, update, selection, extraction, comparison, use, interconnection, ban, communication, spreading and deletion, including the combination of two or more of the above operations.
Data will never be passed to other subjects or third parties.
The processing of data will be done with systems capable of ensuring data privacy and this can also be done by using physical and/or computer systems capable of managing, processing and transmitting data.
We are also informing you that, according to Italian law D.Lgs 196/2003, subjects are granted specific rights about their personal data. In particular, the subject can request the existence of personal data and to obtain such data in intelligible form. The subject can also request the origin of data as well as the logic used for processing; to request deletion, transformation or block of data considered to breach Italian law including update in case of data change; subject has also the legitimate right to forbid the use and processing of personal data.
DiWineTaste informs that any information about personal data processing as well as requesting one's own personal data, including variation and deletion, can be requested in written form or by e-mail to Mr. Antonello Biancalana.

6. Geolocalization

The application (app) DiWineTaste Mobile for Android and iOS makes use of geolocalization functions capable of detecting the physical position of the user's device by gathering data about longitude and latitude by means of geolocalization functions installed in the user's device. Position data are used to determine the physical address corresponding the current position of the user in order to compute the distance in regard to the places listed in the relative guide. Position data are not stored or kept and are not used for any other purpose than the one mentioned above.

7. Use of Phone

The application (app) DiWineTaste Mobile for Android and iOS can make use of the device's phone call service for the only purpose of allowing the user to call the places listed in the relative guide and with the explicit permission of the user. In no case will be read or sent the information stored in the contact list of the user's device or any messaging service (SMS) and no information about the use of the phone is stored or sent to DiWineTaste or third parties.

Last update: 2 June 2023

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Privacy Policy

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