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  List of Wine Producers (C)
Ca' Brusà, Piedmont (Italy)
Ca' del Baio, Piedmont (Italy)
Ca' del Bosco, Lombardy (Italy)
Ca' Lustra, Veneto (Italy)
Ca' Richeta, Piedmont (Italy)
Ca' Rugate, Veneto (Italy)
Calatrasi, Sicily (Italy)
Camerano, Piedmont (Italy)
Camigliano, Tuscany (Italy)
Campodelsole, Emilia-Romagna (Italy)
Canato Marco, Piedmont (Italy)
Canevel, Veneto (Italy)
Cantarutti Alfieri, Friuli-Venezia Giulia (Italy)
Cantele, Apulia (Italy)
Cantina Cerquetta, Latium (Italy)
Cantina Colterenzio, Alto Adige (Italy)
Cantina d'Isera, Trentino (Italy)
Cantina del Taburno, Campania (Italy)
Cantina del Vermentino, Sardinia (Italy)
Cantina Delsignore, Piedmont (Italy)
Cantina di Presciano, Tuscany (Italy)
Cantina di Quistello, Lombardy (Italy)
Cantina di Sorbara, Emilia-Romagna (Italy)
Cantina di Venosa, Basilicata (Italy)
Cantina La Spina, Umbria (Italy)
Cantina Li Seddi, Sardinia (Italy)
Cantina Margò, Umbria (Italy)
Cantina Monrubio, Umbria (Italy)
Cantina Novelli, Umbria (Italy)
Cantina Produttori Bolzano, Alto Adige (Italy)
Cantina Sociale Gallura, Sardinia (Italy)
Cantina Terlano, Alto Adige (Italy)
Cantina Tollo, Abruzzo (Italy)
Cantina Tramin, Alto Adige (Italy)
Cantine Barbera, Sicily (Italy)
Cantine De Biase, Basilicata (Italy)
Cantine del Notaio, Basilicata (Italy)
Cantine di Dolianova, Sardinia (Italy)
Cantine Due Palme, Apulia (Italy)
Cantine Federici - La Baia del Sole, Liguria (Italy)
Cantine Foschini, Campania (Italy)
Cantine Grotta del Sole, Campania (Italy)
Cantine Leonardo da Vinci, Tuscany (Italy)
Cantine Lizzano, Apulia (Italy)
Cantine Paradiso, Apulia (Italy)
Cantine Salvatore, Molise (Italy)
Cantine San Marco, Latium (Italy)
Cantine Settesoli, Sicily (Italy)
Cantolio, Apulia (Italy)
Capannelle, Tuscany (Italy)
Caparra & Siciliani, Calabria (Italy)
Capinera, Marches (Italy)
Capoverso, Tuscany (Italy)
Caprigliano, Latium (Italy)
Carbone Vini, Basilicata (Italy)
Cardeto, Umbria (Italy)
Cardocchia, Marches (Italy)
Carlo Hauner, Sicily (Italy)
Carlo Pellegrino, Sicily (Italy)
Carpenè Malvolti, Veneto (Italy)
Carpineto, Tuscany (Italy)
Carra di Casatico, Emilia-Romagna (Italy)
Caruso & Minini, Sicily (Italy)
Carussin, Piedmont (Italy)
Casa D'Ambra, Campania (Italy)
Casa di Grazia, Sicily (Italy)
Casadei, Tuscany (Italy)
Casale del Giglio, Latium (Italy)
Casale della Ioria, Latium (Italy)
Casale Marchese, Latium (Italy)
Casale Mattia, Latium (Italy)
CasalFarneto, Marches (Italy)
Casali Viticoltori, Emilia-Romagna (Italy)
Casano, Sicily (Italy)
Casanova di Neri, Tuscany (Italy)
Casavecchia, Piedmont (Italy)
Cascina Chicco, Piedmont (Italy)
Cascina Cucco, Piedmont (Italy)
Cascina Garitina, Piedmont (Italy)
Cascina Gilli, Piedmont (Italy)
Cascina I Carpini, Piedmont (Italy)
Cascina La Maddalena, Piedmont (Italy)
Cascina Montagnola, Piedmont (Italy)
Cascina Pellerino, Piedmont (Italy)
Cascina Zoina, Piedmont (Italy)
Castel De Paolis, Latium (Italy)
Castel Faglia, Lombardy (Italy)
Castel Sallegg, Alto Adige (Italy)
Castel Schwanburg, Alto Adige (Italy)
Castelfeder, Alto Adige (Italy)
Castelinho Vinhos, Douro (Portugal)
Castellare di Castellina, Tuscany (Italy)
Castellari Bergaglio, Piedmont (Italy)
Castello Banfi, Tuscany (Italy)
Castello d'Albola, Tuscany (Italy)
Castello del Poggio, Piedmont (Italy)
Castello del Terriccio, Tuscany (Italy)
Castello del Trebbio, Tuscany (Italy)
Castello della Sala, Umbria (Italy)
Castello delle Regine, Umbria (Italy)
Castello di Ama, Tuscany (Italy)
Castello di Buttrio, Friuli-Venezia Giulia (Italy)
Castello di Corbara, Umbria (Italy)
Castello di Fonterutoli, Tuscany (Italy)
Castello di Meleto, Tuscany (Italy)
Castello di Montegiove, Umbria (Italy)
Castello di Neive, Piedmont (Italy)
Castello di Querceto, Tuscany (Italy)
Castello di San Sano, Tuscany (Italy)
Castello di Spessa, Friuli-Venezia Giulia (Italy)
Castello di Torre in Pietra, Latium (Italy)
Castello di Verduno, Piedmont (Italy)
Castello di Volpaia, Tuscany (Italy)
Castello Poggiarello, Tuscany (Italy)
Castello Sonnino, Tuscany (Italy)
Castellucci Miano, Sicily (Italy)
Castelveder, Lombardy (Italy)
Catabbo, Molise (Italy)
Cataldi Madonna, Abruzzo (Italy)
Catturich Ducco, Lombardy (Italy)
Caudrina - Romano Dogliotti, Piedmont (Italy)
Cavalieri, Latium (Italy)
Cavalleri, Lombardy (Italy)
Cave de Tain l'Hermitage, Vallée du Rhône (France)
Cave Mont Blanc de Morgex et La Salle, Vallée d'Aoste (Italy)
Caven Camuna, Lombardy (Italy)
Caves Cooperatives de Donnas, Vallée d'Aoste (Italy)
Cavit, Trentino (Italy)
Cà dei Frati, Lombardy (Italy)
Cà del Vent, Lombardy (Italy)
Cà di Tulin, Piedmont (Italy)
Cà ed Balos, Piedmont (Italy)
Cecchini Marco, Friuli-Venezia Giulia (Italy)
Ceci, Emilia-Romagna (Italy)
Celli, Emilia-Romagna (Italy)
Ceraudo, Calabria (Italy)
Ceretto, Piedmont (Italy)
Cesani, Tuscany (Italy)
Cesarini Sforza, Trentino (Italy)
Ceuso, Sicily (Italy)
Charlotte Puri, Latium (Italy)
Chateau Kefraya, Bekaa Valley (Lebanon)
Chiorri, Umbria (Italy)
Chiusa Grande, Abruzzo (Italy)
Christine Vaselli, Latium (Italy)
Cincinnato, Latium (Italy)
Cirotto, Veneto (Italy)
Citille di Sopra, Tuscany (Italy)
Claudio Cipressi, Molise (Italy)
Claudio Morelli, Marches (Italy)
Cobellis, Campania (Italy)
Col d'Orcia, Tuscany (Italy)
Col Sandago, Veneto (Italy)
Col Sant'Angelo, Umbria (Italy)
Colacicchi, Latium (Italy)
Collavini, Friuli-Venezia Giulia (Italy)
Colle di Maggio, Latium (Italy)
Colle di San Domenico, Campania (Italy)
Colle Massari, Tuscany (Italy)
Colle Moro, Abruzzo (Italy)
Colle Picchioni, Latium (Italy)
Colle Santa Mustiola, Tuscany (Italy)
Colletonno, Latium (Italy)
Colline di Sopra, Tuscany (Italy)
Colmello di Grotta, Friuli-Venezia Giulia (Italy)
Colonnara, Marches (Italy)
Conte Leopardi Dittajuti, Marches (Italy)
Conte Loredan Gasparini, Veneto (Italy)
Conterno Fantino, Piedmont (Italy)
Conti Sertoli Salis, Lombardy (Italy)
Conti Terzi, Lombardy (Italy)
Conti Zecca, Apulia (Italy)
Contucci, Tuscany (Italy)
Cooper Vineyards, California (United States of America)
Coppo, Piedmont (Italy)
Cordero di Montezemolo, Piedmont (Italy)
Cordeschi, Latium (Italy)
Corte Giacobbe, Veneto (Italy)
COS, Sicily (Italy)
Costaripa, Lombardy (Italy)
Cote di Franze, Calabria (Italy)
Cottanera, Sicily (Italy)
Criserà, Calabria (Italy)
Curto Marco, Piedmont (Italy)

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