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About Us

DiWineTaste is an independent monthly publication about wine culture and information and it is freely distributed on the Internet, founded by Antonello Biancalana in 2002. Our goal is to be and stay independent; we want to inform about wine, to talk about wine and about everything related to its world, to contribute to our reader's knowledge about wine culture and, last but not the least, to let them know about wine producers that, with their work and commitment, are capable of creating valuable products.
We also want to be by these producer's side; we would like DiWineTaste to be their publication as well, a way to let them be known and appreciated. DiWineTaste is available in two versions, having different formats but same contents. The magazine is available "online" in this site for an immediate reading and in Adobe Acrobat® PDF, suited for printing, for the reading on your computer without being connected to the Internet, and however suited to be printed and kept just like any regular magazine.
Our goal is to provide our readers a free wine publication as well as other services connected to wine which benefit of the possibilities offered by the Internet. We are however aware of the fact that to let our job survive, just like any other business requiring a huge investment of time and money, we need profits and financial resources in order to continue our work. In our site's pages as well as on DiWineTaste's pages you will find advertising boxes; we hope this activity will let our magazine live. We want to be honest and clear about this aspect: reports about wineries, wine and distillates tastings and reviews, news concerning wineries and producers, news about events, are not considered advertising by us. We will not make any money or other form of profit from them, we will not claim any money for this kind of information just because we want to be independent on what we write, we want to be honest and objective with our readers and we want to be honest and objective with wine producers as well. In case you are a wine or a distillate producer and are interested in having your products reviewed on our publication as well as included in DiWineTaste Wine Guide, we invite you, with no obligation, to ask for more information.
DiWineTaste also wants to keep a "direct connection" with its readers by dedicating them many columns and sections. We want to know your opinions, to let your preferences be expressed, we would like our readers to have the opportunity to say their opinion about wine. Every month we will publish your letters and, when requested, the related answers. DiWineTaste also have a special "wine parade" of the best 15 wines according to our readers' preferences. You will determine, with your votes, the best wines every month.
Besides offering specific columns about wine and its aspects, in our site you will also find pages and reports that will help you to improve your knowledge about wine, advices on how serving wine, test your knowledge about wine with the EnoGames, to know better all the wines evaluated every month by our tasting commission in our Wine Guide, or to discover every day a new wine with "Wine of the Day" tip in the Home Page.

How to Read DiWineTaste

DiWineTaste's reports can be read "online" by browsing the pages of the site, starting from Home Page, where you can find the table of contents of the latest edition, or by browsing the Back Issues page in case you want to read any previous issue. DiWineTaste is also available in Adobe Acrobat® PDF which requires Adobe Acrobat® Reader® to be properly installed on your computer. The PDF version is more suited for being printed and used as a regular magazine and allows the reading of reports without being connected to the Internet. The PDF version of the latest edition can be downloaded by clicking on the banners you can find in any site's page, whereas in the Back Issues page are available all the previous issues. The international edition of the magazine is available in two page sizes: Letter and A4. Letter size is for USA readers whereas A4 size is intended for readers from other countries.

Enjoy reading DiWineTaste!

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