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Issue 30, May 2005


Editorial    Summary of Editorial column

Technological Wines Technological Wines

Wine - as everyone knows - is the result of many factors, all being equally important and determinant, from the indispensable contribution of nature to the contribution of human intervention. Times in which many of the variables and the… [more]

MailBox MailBox

ABC Wine    Summary of ABC Wine column

Marsala Marsala

The production area of Marsala
The great Sicilian wine which made the history of Italian and worldwide enology, after ups and downs, in the last twenty years is finally reviving the events of its renowned and important past… [more]

Wine Tasting    Summary of Wine Tasting column

Comparative Tasting Comparative Tasting

Comparative tasting is an excellent exercise for improving the taster's capacities
The study of different wines helps the improving of the taster's sensorial capacities and offers an important help to the development of olfactory and gustatory memory… [more]

Wines of the Month Wines of the Month

Brut Metodo Classico Riserva Ubaldo Rosi 1998, Colonnara (Italy)
Piemonte Moscato Passito Redento 2001, Brut Metodo Classico Riserva Ubaldo Rosi 1998, Vernaccia di Oristano 1993, Verdicchio dei Castelli di Jesi Classico Superiore Tufico 2002, Santa Cecilia 2002, Sagrantino di Montefalco Ugolino 2000… [more]

Wine Producers    Summary of Wine Producers column

La Montina La Montina

One of the Tenuta La Montina's Marmonier vertical presses
The prestigious winery at Monticelli Brusati - in the province of Brescia - has always been involved in the production of Franciacorta wines, to which, recently, have joined art… [more]

Cellar Journal Cellar Journal

Events    Summary of Events column

News News

Corkscrew    Summary of Corkscrew column

Tasting Distillates Tasting Distillates

The color of a distillate aged in cask
Distillates offer rich and extraordinary qualities to the ones who can appreciate them and to the ones who decide to know them in their deepest essence, a world full of amazing aromas and flavors… [more]

Not Just Wine    Summary of Not Just Wine column

Licorice Licorice

Sticks of licorice root
The meaning of its name is sweet root and since ancient times it was used for therapeutic uses as well as for covering the bad taste of medicines. From its roots is extracted a sweet and bitter juice having beneficial virtues… [more]

Aquavitae Aquavitae

Grappa di Amarone della Valpolicella 1999, Fratelli Brunello (Italy)
Review of Grappa, Distillates and Brandy, Grappa di Moscato di Pantelleria 2003, Grappa di Amarone della Valpolicella 1999, Bierbrand Distillato di Birra Theresianer, Grappa di Enantio della Valdadige 2003… [more]

Wine Parade Wine Parade

Summary of Columns Summary of Columns

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