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By hosting our banner you will allow your visitors to download the latest issue of DiWineTaste without leaving your site. The banner will not redirect your visitors to our site, instead, our readers will visit your site at least once a month. You are not even required to keep the magazine's issues: the download will be processed by our site. There is more than this. The ones who will host our banner will be included in our Distribution page where it will be possible to link to your site. A good way to let our readers know about you and your site. It will just take a click visit your WEB site.
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After having sent the request form you will be presented a new page where you will find the banner HTML code to be included in your pages. You can save the code on your disk or you can simply copy and paste it on your favorite application. In order to simplify your job and make things as easy as possible, you are not requested to download or store any image file. All you need is just the HTML code we will provide you: it will properly link to the appropriate images stored on our site.
For more information about downloading our banner send an e-mail to our editorial staff.

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Banner code generation is done for every single edition (Italian and international). If you have chosen both the Italian edition banner and the international edition banner, the process will generate two distinct codes, each one related to a single edition. In case your site has more than one linguistic section (italian and any other) we suggest you not to generate a single banner (that is, the following option must not be selected). In this case two distinct banners will be generated, one for the italian section and one for the other linguistic sections. If you want to generate a single banner that will allow the downloading of both editions, select the following option. If you have chosen just one banner or a banner for directly linking to DiWineTaste WEB site, the following option will be ignored.


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