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DiWineTaste Wine Place Guide

DiWineTaste Wine Services Directory represents the logic complement to the Wine Guide. We are often asked by our readers, who show every month a good appreciation for our Guide, where they can buy the wines we review. This is what gave us the idea of realizing DiWineTaste Wine Services Directory, an efficient tool capable of having wine related businesses and wine lovers meet and know each other.
After having searched the Guide, it will be possible to know about the nearest wine shop that sells that specific wine. In other words, the Services Guide is an efficient and targeted tool which allows wine lovers to know, and with a simple mouse click, where they can find their favorite wines and the places related to the beverage of Bacchus.
Wine Services Directory is even more. It is also a directory expressly suited for commercial businesses which are related to the world of wine, such as wine shops, wine bars, wineries, restaurants, food retailers, wholesalers, distributors, travel agencies, Internet sites, E-Commerce sites and malls. Whoever runs a commercial business or a WEB site related to the world of wine, will find in DiWineTaste Wine Services Directory the ideal way to introduce his or her business to the ones truly interested to wine. The Wine Services Directory is a targeted and efficient communication and promotional mean.
Every subscriber to the Services Guide, running a commercial business about wine retailing, can use a specific application allowing the selection of wines and producers on sale in his or her shop and that are present in DiWineTaste Wine Guide as well. The retailer can therefore verify and update, by himself or herself, the situation of wines on sale every time it is required or once a month after new wines have been published on the Wine Guide. For all other subscribers, who are not involved in wine retailing, it will be possible to manage their personal data. The subscriber can also decide whether to be present in the Italian or English edition of the Guide, or both, and to enter a short promotional ad for their customers and that can be periodically modified according to commercial opportunities.

One Free Month Premium Subscription

The inclusion on DiWineTaste Wine Services Directory is done by subscription. We offer you the possibility to try one free month "Premium" subscription - with no obligation for you - to the Wine Services Directory. In this way you will have the chance to try yourself our guide with no limitations. At the end of the free month you will decide whether renewing the subscription to the Wine Services Directory and to benefit from its advantages. We remind you the one free month subscription offer does not mean any obligation for you to the renewal. In case you will not renew your subscription, it will be converted to the "basic" version and you can however access to your subscription, in this case you can use the functions available to the "basic" subscription only.
If you wish to try the Wine Services Directory for one month, we invite you to fill in the following form in order to request your personal codes for the control panel. Fields marked with an asterisk (*) are mandatory, moreover it is necessary to choose at least one Guide (Italian, English or both) in which it is wished to be inserted to.
In case you like to insert your banner or logo - which will be displayed in your ad - we invite you to provide its URL (for example: and its size. In case your banner is not available in Internet, we invite you to e-mail it to our advertisement office.

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Privacy Statement according to Italian law 196 - 06/30/2003

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Privacy Policy

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