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Issue 40, April 2006


Editorial    Summary of Editorial column

Organic Wine Organic Wine

Once again, this month the subject of this editorial is based on our polls, which - although they started just few months ago - are having a considerable success. Like we said the last month, our reader's opinion gives us the chance… [more]

MailBox MailBox

ABC Wine    Summary of ABC Wine column

Napa Valley Napa Valley

Napa Valley
Not only the most famous wine area in California, but also in the United States of America, Napa Valley is famous for its wines produced with international grapes and with the local Zinfandel… [more]

Wine Tasting    Summary of Wine Tasting column

Comparing Pinot Noir Comparing Pinot Noir

The three Pinot Noirs of our comparative tasting
The magnificent red grape from Burgundy, capable of producing wines of rare elegance and class, is the protagonist of this month's comparative tasting… [more]

Wines of the Month Wines of the Month

Barolo Pressenda 2001, Abbona Marziano (Piedmont, Italy)
Brunello di Montalcino Vigna Schiena d'Asino 1999, Barolo Pressenda 2001, Brunello di Montalcino Riserva 1998, Vernaccia di San Gimignano Sanice 2003, S'Arai 2002, Salice Salentino Rosso Riserva Cantalupi 2002… [more]

Wine Producers    Summary of Wine Producers column

Leone de Castris Leone de Castris

The cellar
Among the historical wineries of Italy, with more that 80 years of activity, and among the most famous wineries of Apulia, brings the typical wines of Salice Salentino in the world, focusing on autochthonous grapes while experimenting with international ones… [more]

Cellar Journal Cellar Journal

Events    Summary of Events column

News News

Corkscrew    Summary of Corkscrew column

Indian Cooking and Wine Indian Cooking and Wine

Rice and lentils: two fundamental ingredients of Indian cooking
The cooking of a country rich in charm and delicious dishes, not only made of rice and curry, in which every region has its gastronomy and its typical bread. A cooking which can be matched to wine… [more]

Not Just Wine    Summary of Not Just Wine column

Basil Basil

Green, fresh and aromatic: basil adds to recipes its unmistakable sign
Herbaceous plant, coming from India and Indonesia, with its characteristic aromas, it is used as a condiment for foods, in ayurvedic medicine, herbal medicine and cosmetics… [more]

Aquavitae Aquavitae

Grappa di Nebbiolo di Carema, Revel Chion (Piedmont, Italy)
Review of Grappa, Distillates and Brandy, Acquavite di Miele di Corbezzolo Selezione Speciale, Grappa di Nebbiolo di Carema, Uve Bianche, Grappa Cannonau di Sardegna Collezione Privata, Acquavite d'Uva Five Roses… [more]

Wine Parade Wine Parade

Summary of Columns Summary of Columns

DiWineTaste Polls
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How do you choose a wine for a food?

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How do you consider your knowledge about wine?

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