Wine Culture and Information - Volume 17
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Issue 138, March 2015


Editorial    Summary of Editorial column

Luigi Veronelli: Walking the Land Luigi Veronelli: Walking the Land

The two pictures at the entrance of ``Camminare la Terra'' exhibition dedicated to Luigi Veronelli
It took place at the “Triennale di Milano” - from January 21 to February 24, 2015 - an exhibition dedicated to the greatest of Italian journalists and wine writers, the one who started the revaluation in Italy of wine and olive oil:… [more]

Wine Tasting    Summary of Wine Tasting column

Contrasts of Fiano and Riesling Contrasts of Fiano and Riesling

Riesling, as opposed to Fiano, shows a paler color with an evident greenish yellow hue
Two grapes expressing different and distant territories, one originates from the sunny lands of Campania, the other one in the more severe climate of Germany… [more]

Wines of the Month Wines of the Month

Camartina 2011, Querciabella (Tuscany, Italy)
Trento Extra Brut Riserva Lunelli 2006, Camartina 2011, Batàr 2012, Trento Brut Perlé 2007, Montefalco Sagrantino Carapace 2008, Il Vassallo 2012, Valpolicella Classico Superiore Ripasso Pojega 2012, Trentino Bianco Villa Margon 2011… [more]

Events    Summary of Events column

News News

Not Just Wine    Summary of Not Just Wine column

Aquavitae Aquavitae

Acquavite Provocazione Bacco per Venere, Nannoni (Tuscany, Italy)
Review of Grappa, Distillates and Brandy, Acquavite Provocazione Bacco per Venere… [more]

Wine Parade Wine Parade

Summary of Columns Summary of Columns

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