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  Wine List (E)
Ebro 2000, I Borboni (Italy)  
Ecarté Re di Fiori 2002, Baravalle (Italy)  
Eden 2017, Tenuta Spinelli (Italy)  
Edèlmio 2000, Benanti (Italy)  
Edizione Cinque Autoctoni 2001, Farnese (Italy)  
El Cencio 2016, Spada (Italy)  
El Zuitèr 2008, Montelvini (Italy)  
Elephas Bianco 2014, Castello di Torre in Pietra (Italy)  
Elephas Rosso 2013, Castello di Torre in Pietra (Italy)  
Eleusi Passito 2001, Villa Matilde (Italy)  
Elfo 11, Ca' del Bosco (Italy)  
Elfo Bianco d'Alessano 2018, Apollonio (Italy)  
Elfo Chardonnay 2018, Apollonio (Italy)  
Elfo Negroamaro Rosato 2018, Apollonio (Italy)  
Elfo Negroamaro Rosso 2017, Apollonio (Italy)  
Elfo Primitivo 2017, Apollonio (Italy)  
Elfo Susumaniello Rosato 2018, Apollonio (Italy)  
Elicius 2011, Castello di Montegiove (Italy)  
Elicius 2010, Castello di Montegiove (Italy)  
Elite 2001, Institut Agricole Régional (Italy)  
Empireo 2014, Pucciarella (Italy)  
Emyriam 2006, Casa di Grazia (Italy)  
Enoè Rosso 2013, Giuseppe Casano (Italy)  
Enosi Bianco 2019, Baron Di Pauli (Italy)  
Entemari 2004, Pala (Italy)  
Entemari 2016, Pala (Italy)  
Eola 2013, Colline di Sopra (Italy)  
Erasmo Castelli 2006, Maria Pia Castelli (Italy)  
Erbaluce di Caluso Anima 2018, La Masera (Italy)  
Erbaluce di Caluso Cav. Giovanni 2019, Gnavi Carlo (Italy)  
Erbaluce di Caluso La Rustia 2003, Orsolani (Italy)  
Erbaluce di Caluso Spumante Metodo Classico Pas Dosé Masilé 2015, La Masera (Italy)  
Erbaluce di Caluso Vigna Crava 2018, Gnavi Carlo (Italy)  
Erice Catarratto Calebianche 2011, Fazio (Italy)  
Erice Grillo Aegades 2011, Fazio (Italy)  
Erice Insolia Levantio 2011, Fazio (Italy)  
Erice Nero d'Avola Torre dei Venti 2010, Fazio (Italy)  
Erice Rosso Riserva Pietra Sacra 2006, Fazio (Italy)  
Erice Vendemmia Tardiva Zibibbo Ky 2009, Fazio (Italy)  
Erubesco 2013, Villanoviana (Italy)  
Esegesi 2006, Rosi (Italy)  
Esino Bianco Ferrante 2003, Belisario (Italy)  
Esino Bianco Tabano 2001, Montecappone (Italy)  
Esino Rosso Colferraio 2003, Belisario (Italy)  
Esse 2003, Fattoria La Torre (Italy)  
Essensia 2003, Accattoli (Italy)  
Essentija 2004, Pala (Italy)  
Essentija 2015, Pala (Italy)  
Est! Est!! Est!!! di Montefiascone 2006, Trappolini (Italy)  
Est! Est!! Est!!! di Montefiascone 2006, Falesco (Italy)  
Est! Est!! Est!!! di Montefiascone Poggio dei Gelsi 2006, Falesco (Italy)  
Est! Est!! Est!!! di Montefiascone Poggio dei Gelsi 2013, Falesco (Italy)  
Eteria 2007, Franco Todini (Italy)  
Eteros Extra Dry, La Quercia (Italy)  
Eteros Extra Dry, La Quercia (Italy)  
Eteros Rosé Extra Dry, La Quercia (Italy)  
Etna Bianco 2018, Giovi (Italy)  
Etna Bianco Luci Luci 2007, Al-Cantara (Italy)  
Etna Bianco Superiore Pietramarina 1998, Benanti (Italy)  
Etna Rosso 2014, Planeta (Italy)  
Etna Rosso 2015, Planeta (Italy)  
Etna Rosso Akraton 2014, Giovi (Italy)  
Etna Rosso Calmarossa 2014, Santa Maria La Nave (Italy)  
Etna Rosso Fragore 2016, Donnafugata (Italy)  
Etna Rosso O' Scuru O' Scuru 2006, Al-Cantara (Italy)  
Etna Rosso Pirao 2011, Giovi (Italy)  
Etna Rosso Rovittello 1999, Benanti (Italy)  
Etna Rosso Serra della Contessa 1999, Benanti (Italy)  
Etna Rosso Sul Vulcano 2017, Donnafugata (Italy)  
Ettamiano Primitivo Salento 2001, Cantine Due Palme (Italy)  
Evien 2008, Ressia (Italy)  
Evien 2009, Ressia (Italy)  
Evien 2010, Ressia (Italy)  
Evien 2011, Ressia (Italy)  
Evien 2013, Ressia (Italy)  
Evien 2015, Ressia (Italy)  
Evien Oro 2007, Ressia (Italy)  
Evien Oro 2013, Ressia (Italy)  
Excelsus 2010, Castello Banfi (Italy)  
Extra Brut Le Fare 2011, Merotto (Italy)  
Extra Brut Le Fare 2013, Merotto (Italy)  
Extra Brut Le Fare 2014, Merotto (Italy)  

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